Mitra Anak Indonesia (MAIN), is a foundation dedicated to improve the quality of life for Indonesian children who suffers from serious illnesses. The foundation focused on hospitalized children.The foundation was established on July 2011. Although it has only been recently founded, it has supported many disadvantaged children in Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital with chronic and life-threatening diseases since a year ago.

MAIN was founded by Marissa and Mirari who shared the same burden to reach for the disadvantaged children. They both work in the same hospital and observe the sufferings in these sick children. Marissa’s affection for the children is  so much influenced by her belated grandfather Prof. Pudjiadi,MD., a Professor of Pediatrics nutrition who was known for his kind and generous heart in helping malnourished children.  Mirari is so much inspired by her late husband, Andreas Zulkarnain who loved to bless the orphanage children and once himself involved in  childrenpuppet-show ministry. Together both doctors envisioned help-at-hand for the sick children beyond the routine medications.





Our vision is to bring sick children closer to be normal well-being, spiritually and mentally.


  1. To be partner of Indonesian children in providing better health service
  2. To bring sick children closer to be normal well-being spiritually and mentally
  3. To help sick children obtaining the right to play and brighten their lives by providing entertainment, activities and education

Mitra anak Indonesia means the partner of Indonesian children. The word “MAIN” in bahasa Indonesia means ‘to play’. Playing reflects healthy children, but it is what is lacking in sick children. Thus, the name reflects the foundation’s vision and mission.


  • Chair: Marissa Pudjiadi, MD
  • Overseer: Afaf Susilawati, MD
  • Director: Mirari Judio, MD
  • Secretary: Martinus Leman, MD
  • Treasurer: Felix, MD

There are many foundations available within the country, which support the under-priviledged children. However many of these foundations were organized by community outside the hospital, who were not necessarily understand  how to engage the hospital bureaucracy. MAIN was born within the hospital and for all hospitalized children with different types of diagnosis. The conception itself comes from pediatrics residents who were aware of the needs within hospital. There are numerous children from poor family who were diagnosed with a serious ill, yet the parents could not afford the treatment. The impoverished parents could not even raise public awareness via hot-cake media such as email, television or social networking services.This reality can only be changed by people who find it unacceptable, and take actions to alter it.