Sharing to keep Indonesian Children shine July 19, 2014

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Sharing to keep Indonesian Children shine…

In order to celebrate Main Foundation 3rd anniversary, Main Foundation in cooperation with Monroe Company, kampong dongeng, and “Sahabat anak” held a celebration in Museum Bank Mandiri Building west Jakarta.  The celebration was involving the sahabat anak member to join  singing competition or story telling competition.

“Sahabat anak” is a foundation work to gather street and neglected children in Indonesia.  These children are the one who join the competition.  They were so exciting and preparing the competition very well and creative.  Some of them were creating new song and some others were re-arranging song.  This was made to change the paradigm of giving education to self-learning the important of  health.  So they themselves were delivered the importance of health through song and storytelling.

Among them, sit the Jury.  For the singing competition were Andrew (Head of Monroe Company) with his son,  Ms. NilaTanzil,  and Mr. Peterson (Chairwoman and Chairman of Taman Bacaan Foundation).  For the storytelling competition were  Kak Awam (KampungDongeng), Ms. Natasha Pudjiadi (Teacher of High scope School) and dr. Lisa, Sp.A (Pediatrician).

As a compliment for the winner, they received trophy and one-day trip to Dunia Fantasy in Ancol, Nort Jakarta.  They sang together, listened to an interesting story, dance, laugh full of happiness in that morning.

Hope the happiness shines among all Indonesian Children..